Thank you for agreeing to participate in this survey for The Wilderness Society's Wilderness Support Center.

    As you know, The Wilderness Support Center is committed to providing training and support to leaders like you. One of our greatest successes has been the growth we have seen in leaders we work with as they take on more ambitious and sophisticated land protection campaigns.

    After ten years of work with leaders across the movement and watching the community of land protection advocates grow, we believe the time is right to further expand our training programs with three key goals in mind:
    • increase the number of unique skill trainings for professionals working on public land protection campaigns;
    • connect leaders in the movement to training and mentoring opportunities that help them to strengthen their organizations; and,
    • create networks between leaders in the land protection community so that they can learn from and support each other.

    It is with this in mind that we are getting ready to launch a new effort called the WILD FOREVER FUTURE CAMPAIGN a comprehensive program designed to recruit and nurture future leaders while building strong connections between campaigners through the community.

    As someone who has participated in our trainings and events, your feedback will be invaluable as we develop this ambitious program. Please take 30 minutes to answer the following questions that will help us create the training, mentoring, and networking experiences and tools that are most useful to you.