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The Campaign Skills Initiative is a comprehensive training regimen for land protection campaigners designed to build a sophisticated, savvy, and connected community that is able to anticipate the challenges and opportunities of land protection in the 21st Century.

The program has been built in direct response to the thoughts and opinions of more than 60 land protection campaigners, most of whom are in the middle of their careers.

As we talked to these campaigners, we realized that the most effective training would not only be comprehensive but would also provide give campaigners a unique change to train with other campaigners working the same region and landscape — people and experts that they don’t get to meet in their day-to-day work.

So the pilot project of the Campaign Skills Initiative is targeted toward the campaigners working to protect the Great Basin — which encompasses parts of Nevada, Oregon, and Idaho. Campaigners from the Great Basin will gather for three week-long training retreats over the course of 18 months.

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Learn more about best practices in training and mentoring

In designing the Wild Forever Future Campaign, we studied a range of successful training models. Review our series of briefing papers that describe what we discovered.