We are working for a wilderness forever - Howard Zahniser

As the founders of the wilderness movement have long noted, our strength lies in the people we teach to care for wild places.

As we prepare for the land protection campaigns of the 21st Century, we believe we must make an even deeper investment in the people who stand up to lead this important work.

That’s why The Wilderness Society has launched the Wild Forever Future Campaign, a comprehensive training initiative aimed at recruiting the best and brightest to join the movement, supporting the seasoned campaigners who have done so much so far to protect wild places, and strengthening the ties between our leaders, present and future.

The Wild Forever Future Campaign is modeled off of the best practices of training and mentoring programs from the nonprofit, government, corporate, and academic sectors. We have just launched two key components of the campaign: the Wild Forever Future Fellowship and the Campaign Skills Initiative.

Help up shape your future in the land protection movement

We want your thoughts and opinions on the training that will be most helpful to you as a land protection leader. Please fill out a survey so that we can better understand your training needs.

Learn more about best practices in training and mentoring

In designing the Wild Forever Future Campaign, we studied a range of successful training models. Review our series of briefing papers that describe what we discovered.